The Outsider, the Ordinary, 2019


mixed mediums


During three months I was artist in residence at AADK in Blanca, Murcia; a small village of 6000 inhabitants in the South of Spain.


I initiated a new research project focused on spanish culture in relation to life in a village. My focus lied on the everyday and how it is influenced by time and routine. Aside I was also interested in observing and capturing their habits that due to their banality loose it's attention.


Open studio room text by AADK:


''At this month’s open studio Sarah presents a retrospective selection of the work she has

done during her residency period in the past three months. The installation, using different

elements from photographs to writings, projection and objects, invites us to wander around

and catch a glimpse of the ephemeral details of Blanca through the intimate lens of the artist.


Using the sentence “the aliens are invading us” from a graffiti around Blanca as a metaphor,

Sarah reflects on her position as an artist from the outside, discovering and scooping

inspiration from the impressions of this enchanted place.


By her approach Sarah creates a back and forth game, playing with the dialectic of art and

the everyday. She shifts overlooked objects to the level of artistic observation, then in some

cases reinserts them into our daily lives. The work reflects on the passing of time by

recording glossed over details and momentary occurrences, by freezing moments that

otherwise would pass by unnoticed.


By her unusual and delicate approach to the surrounding details, and the way she presents

the results of her investigation, Sarah invites us to step out of our comfortable patterns of

looking at things and to make an effort to discover the hidden aspects.''


The Outsider, The Ordinary click here for video.