What does distance mean to you?, 2020


mixed media


Distance has always played an important role both in my artistic practice and private life.

This ongoing research sheds light to the universal subject of distance (physical and emotional) in a globalised world, in which distance does not seem to exist anymore, or does it?


This research had two presentation moments in 2019, one at the NDSM in Amsterdam as part of the project #wheredoyoucomefrom; as well as at De Zure Bom's gallery in Rotterdam. The presentation form consists of a videowork along with a monologue read in Spanish together with on A4 written answers from people upon the question I raised: What does distance mean to you? It was important to create a safe space where people felt comfortable to talk about this subject.

El uno frente al dos, 2019

Stills from video, first draft click here

Installation shots at De Zure Bom, Rotterdam 2019

Photo's Florian Braakman

Installation shots at NDSM Werf, Amsterdam, 2019

Photo's Florian Braakman